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SXSW 2023!

In a couple of weeks I'm headed to my very first in-person SXSW! So excited to meet and connect with colleagues that I only know as virtual avatars. If you're going to be there too, please reach out - I would love to grab a coffee! And I'd love to see you at our panel - join us for a lively (and quite possibly interactive!) discussion on live XR entertainment:

The power of future experiences lies in bringing audiences together in a collective real-time synchronous immersive environment. Covering a variety of platforms and technology available to creators and designers, this session will share insights on how to ignite your audience. New formats of storytelling in conjunction with new technologies are providing deeper and unexpected experiences for audiences. From Social VR to LBEs, by integrating social connection, our audiences can truly become global.

When: March 14th @ 4-5PM CT

Where: The Fairmont, Manchester B


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