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XR Masterclass at Filmgate Miami

On Saturday, June 25th 10 AM - 1 PM (Breakfast included) I'll be giving a three-hour master class diving into the narrative development process for XR experiences. Reserve your spot HERE and join us at Filmgate Miami!

Theme parks have been creating immersive, interactive entertainment for over half a century and their well-established production pipelines provide a blueprint with direct parallels to the XR process. I'll be discussing tips and techniques from theme park best practices, using them as a jumping-off point to explore how they can be applied to the narrative development of XR projects.

Talking points include:

· Building a creative deck

· Writing a “show flow” document

· Guiding narrative coherency across departments

· Designing the user journey

· Testing a branching narrative

This is an interactive workshop, answering your questions or topics throughout the class.


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