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Who I am

I’m a seasoned Creative Director and award-winning Show Writer, known for creating ground-breaking XR narratives, interactive theme park entertainment and experiential events. My degree in music, long and successful career performing in the theater, broad experience writing and directing for theme parks, as well as my work designing narratives for XR experiences all come together as I create unique and surprising audience experiences.

What I Do

My work is story driven and deeply focused on the user journey as audiences navigate and interact with the narrative. I participate in every aspect of creative development, from brainstorming and high concepts, through to the development, writing and directing of live entertainment.

How I Work

Collaboration is key! I love the “ping-pong” of bouncing ideas back and forth to take the story to a whole new level. I help my teams find the balance between intuition, critical thinking and structure while remaining flexible. Each project is like an enormous jigsaw puzzle where every line of dialogue, every stage direction, every bit of technology must serve to draw the audience into the heart of the story. 

What I Believe

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI),... A new frontier is waiting to be explored and has an almost limitless capacity to create experiences that reconnect us with a sense of wonder. But it is only when we harness the power of these technologies to a strong, vibrant story that we truly create magic.

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