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Happy New Year in VR

Last week I found myself celebrating the New Year with the VR & AR of Southwest Florida Meetup group hosted by the very creative Evgeniya Simmons. She played around with the basic elements provided by Altspace VR to create a custom designed world for our party. The space was filled with balloons, custom signs, a powerpoint presentation, fireworks, games... The list goes on (did I forget to mention the boombox? There was a boombox with party music!)

It was a total blast and really highlighted how far AltspaceVR has come in the last year or so. Makes me want to get into the sandbox myself to see what can be done!

PS. As I was going through my photos in Altspace, I saw some from my first visit to Navah Berg's great interview series for The Hive last March. This "selfie" was taken less than a year ago. How quickly this technology is evolving!


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