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Loveseat to premier at the Venice Film Festival

I'm thrilled to announce that Loveseat, an interactive VR/AR installation, will be making its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival at the end of August.

I am helping to produce and design this very exciting project directed by Kiira Benzing that will be a first of its kind: a virtual reality one act comedy performed simultaneously to virtual and real world audiences.

As with all our projects, we are very interested in exploring the interactive space and drawing audiences into our storyworld. The result is a two part piece:

  • an AR installation that engages audiences throughout the day, encouraging them to leave behind their thoughts and reflections that will be integrated into the main performance.

  • a VR live theatrical performance that can be viewed simultaneously by a live audience in Venice and a virtual audience throughout the world via the social VR platform, High Fidelity.


Step onto the soundstage of Loveseat, everyone’s favorite reality show, and reflect on whether you have what it takes to become a contestant yourself. The Perfect Partner could be in your future!

Before and after the main performance, audience members can immerse themselves in the storyworld of Loveseat with a Bose AR spatialized audio experience. In addition, they can learn more about today’s contestants and leave their own personal “trace” behind by contributing to a playful collective story.


Two lonely, ordinary people are drawn into a reality show competition to win the love of a Perfect Partner (who looks an awful lot like an empty chair). Performed simultaneously to virtual and real world audiences.

Three actors perform Mac Roger's lighthearted comedy, commissioned especially for the occasion. Loveseat is a romantic comedy about Abby and Bruce who compete for the love of an armchair on the reality show “The Perfect Partner.”

If you have a VR headset at home and would like to be a part of the virtual audience, I'll be posting a link to reserve your spot on the High Fidelity platform very shortly. Stay tuned!


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