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The Jedi Training Academy at DLP

We opened the Jedi Training Academy here at Disneyland Paris yesterday! Words cannot describe the thrill of seeing something you've been working toward for over a year suddenly come to life!

Our little Padawans thoroughly enjoyed every minute and took their roles very seriously as our Jedi Master and Knights prepared them to face the ultimate challenge: fighting the terrifying and powerful Darth Vader!

And at long last our top secret set design has been unveiled. This is especially exciting for Star Wars fans everywhere as it gives a small glimpse of the look and feel of what the environment may look like for the highly anticipated next Star Wars move, the Force Awakens. The film opens at the end of the year, but in the meantime, come over to Videopolis and immerse yourself in the music and atmosphere of this beloved series of movies.

We specifically designed the show so that it would be fun to watch whether or not you have a child participating in the performance. Really looking forward to finding out what Disneyland and Star Wars fans think!


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