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Lemon Twist - new demos

This week we recorded some demos of a few songs. The Dragon and the Fairy tells the story of the origins of the Vietnamese people who firmly believe that they are descended from the union between a Dragon King and a Fairy Princess. The astonishing thing about this creation myth, which is thousands of years old, is that it already holds the seeds of a country divided by war into the North and South.

The song arrives at a pivotal moment in the show. Yvonne finds herself back in her childhood bedroom, at a low point in her personal and professional life. She comes across a story that her mother used to read to her when she was small. It will be the catalyst to send Yvonne on a trip to Vietnam in search of her identity and, in returning to the land of her ancestors, she finds inner peace and new strength, as she accepts the diversity of her roots.

The song is sung by Yvonne's mother and is beautifully performed here by Leila Florentino, who played Kim on Broadway in Miss Saigon.

You can check out the other songs in English, as well as some of the original French songs HERE


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