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My new TiMER 2 smart ring is here!

Well, it was high excitement over here yesterday when I opened the mailbox and saw a little tiny package shipped to me all the way from Taiyuan City in China - my new "magic ring" has arrived!

"Oooooh!" I can almost hear you thinking! Oooooh indeed! I don't think I've ever bought anything quite so gimmicky in my life - it even tops my recent NFC chip purchase!

This ring is also based on NFC technology (basically the same as when you use your Navigo pass in the Paris metro system) and allows you to program two different functions - one for each side of the ring. I've just programmed it to automatically unlock my phone with one side and "quick call" my husband with the other. How cool is that? Totally cool... if it worked! The fact is that I spend so much time rubbing the darn ring against the back of my phone until the chip finally registers, that I'd be better off just typing in my code, or opening my contact list! 

On the other hand, I have a stunning piece of jewellery on my finger. True, it's about two sizes too big, even after all my careful measuring with bits of thread, and I have to wear it on my index finger. But that doesn't matter since, according to the website, it's made of 18K rose gold and is decorated with a real Swarovski crystal! If it's on the internet, then you know it must be true, so I'm just going to believe it and ignore any doubts that might be caused by the surprisingly low ticket price (under 16€ on Amazon

The TiMER smart ring website will give you a full run down of all the fabulous things you can do with this ring: hide secret apps, upgrade your phone security, send private messages, and even, if you go by their promotional video below, find yourself a wife!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your mouse and click away. In just a few weeks, you too can be the proud owner of a geeky gadget that doesn't really work and will probably turn your finger green. No matter! For as it says on the website: "When inspiration is lighted up by passion, the life will be filled shiny moments!"

Here's wishing you many shiny moments!


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