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Incarna R-AI-D - a new single player VR game

Incarna Studios, the French VR gaming studio I work with, recently released a first solo player game. Based in the same storyworld as Incarna Adventures, R-AI-D was released in February and just one short month later, won the "Best VR Game" award at the French ETR Awards.

The pitch: Incarna is a secret organization that has discovered the existence of a multidimensional parallel universe linked to ours. In order to explore this interdimensional network of worlds, Incarna has been sending new recruits to boot camp in the Training Temple, which is managed by SENS, a powerful AI.

But something has happened! The Training Temple has been teleported to a different dimension and SENS is malfunctioning, generating an abnormal amount of system errors. The Temple has become extremely dangerous and some of Incarna’s explorers almost lost their lives during training.

Incarna now needs to send in a specialist - you - to find out whether these errors are due to the solar winds or to some other as yet undetected threat. Your mission is to identify and eradicate the source of the problem before the danger spreads throughout Incarna’s entire system.

This was such a fun game to work on as I got to invent a whole storyline about an AI gone rogue. Although gameplay is very much at the heart of the experience, journal entries by the AI's inventor are hidden throughout the world, allowing players to discover just what is going on little by little. Have you found them all? Look again. There's a bonus at the end for finding every one!


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