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Happy New Year!

In France, they say that you have all of January to send your New Year's wishes to everyone - I'm sneaking in just under the wire!

The second half of 2012 ended up being one my busiest periods ever, hence the very sparse blog posts!

I hit the spring thinking to myself, "It's all very well and good to decide to refuse Sister Act, but WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO INSTEAD?" That was indeed the thousand dollar question. So as spring trickled into summer, I took stock and realised that aside from being on stage, the work that has given me the most satisfaction and pleasure in recent years has been the writing projects that I have been doing for Disneyland Paris.

So to make a long story short, I wrote up my writing resumé, sent it off to Disney in Florida and California, flew out to Anaheim for some interviews and ended up working... right back here at Disneyland Paris! Thrilled to bits, needless to say! I have been hired until next April to help brainstorm concepts, and to write any and all concepts, scripts, descriptions, events... in short, anything that needs writing! It has been an incredibly stimulating creative experience so far, and I must admit that I'm looking forward to the next few months.

"But wait!", I can hear you saying, "What about acting? What about singing?" Not to worry, I certainly haven't given it up! How could I give up on such a life-long passion? The beginning of 2013 is almost a mirror image of the beginning of 2012 - I am once again in the final rounds of auditioning for Stage Entertainment, this year for the role of the monstrous nanny, Miss Andrews, in "Mary Poppins". I'll keep you posted...

In the meantime, here are my New Year's wishes via a very fun app that I have just discovered called Strum. You record yourself saying a simple phrase, push a button, and abracadabra, your sentence is transformed into an instant musical video...


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