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Frozen in Shanghai

Frozen Sing-Along, the show that I collaborated on with Katy Harris has just opened in Shanghai, and if that weren't fantastic enough, well... It's a small world, as they say! Let me backtrack a little.

Way back when, I performed in musicals every summer thanks to an amazing program called the YPST (Young People's Summer Theater). Now this was in a small town on Massachusetts's South Shore called Scituate, population 20 thousandish... Every year 30 to 40 kids would put together a variety of shows and many of us caught a life-time enthusiasm for the theater, inspired by the program's founder, Peter Tolan.

Jump forward roughly 30 some-odd years... A few weeks ago, I got a message from Chris Lee, a fellow YPST alumni who has gone on to become an amazing light designer (visit his site HERE).

"Hey guess what? I'm lighting a show you wrote!"

Who would have thought, back when we were fourteen years old and dreaming of a career in the theater, that we would both end up collaborating (if separately!) on a show that would end up in Shanghai, China! How cool is that?!

As a total aside, hearing Frozen in Chinese is both strange and awesome! Check out the video below...


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