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Finding Pandora X is going to SXSW

Finding Pandora X has been selected to have its national premiere at this year's SXSW Festival in the Virtual Cinema Spotlight category!

With the passing of ages, the Gods of Mount Olympus have faded away until only two remain: Zeus and Hera. Now they are in danger of disappearing if they can’t recover the box of hope that Pandora removed. Enter an immersive storyworld and join this Theatre performance where the audience plays the role of the Greek Chorus, interacting with live Broadway caliber actors as the play unfolds.

Part of the fun of doing live performances is the opportunity to observe audience reactions and to adjust. Something that is deeply moving in real life can fall flat in VR. Are our jokes landing? How can we engage the audience more and expand their agency to influence our story? And of course, is our story as limpidly clear as we hope it is, while still retaining pockets of mystery and anticipation?

Following our run at the Venice Film Festival, I'll be doing a substantial rewrite for this next round of performances as we test, adjust and test again. The devs are rolling out some new animations and mechanics that our director, Kiira Benzing, has been longing to include, and we are updating our worlds, adding more art and interactions.

So come and check out our new and hopefully improved show! All you need is a VR headset and a VRChat account and you're good to go!

Ticket details are HERE. Come fly with us!


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