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Diy Days Paris - Breaking the 4th Wall: the App

learn. do. share.

There are some amazing sessions scheduled for the first Paris edition of Diy Days. In some, participants will listen to talks learn), in others they will work hands on (do), and in still others they will be able to pitch their projects (share).

My workshop is supposed to be part of the "do" sessions and it has been a real puzzle trying to determine how to allow the audience to actively participate in the workshop when a.) they'll be sitting passively in an amphitheater and b.) I won't know ahead of time how many people will be attending.

But I think I may have found the answer, one that fits in with the Do It Yourself theme of diy days: I've created my own app!

For the moment, the app includes a welcome message and allows you to sign up for the event, as well as watch videos of immersive theater experiences. I'll then be updating it in stages:

1. On the day of the actual workshop, I will add a "case study" that we will be using to for creative brainstorming purposes and a live feed page that will allow everyone to share their ideas in real time. This way participants will have a record of the entire brainstorming process. 

2. After the workshop, I will add in my presentation, again so that there will be a record if anyone wants to go back over the information.

My plan is to ask the audience to divide into small groups of three or four people and brainstorm creative solutions for a specific case study project of immersive or participatory theater, with one person typing the findings of each group. I will be projecting the app on my ipad through my computer using airplay and will monitor the workshop from the front of the room as the comments go up in real time.

If you're curious, don't hesitate to download it on any smartphone, iphone or tablet: 

Tap on from your iOS or Android device. You'll be asked to download the YappBox app from your app store if you haven't already. Once YappBox is installed, your app will automatically download inside. I built it using Yapp, which seems to be mainly used for parties and weddings for the moment, but has lots of fun possibilities and was extremely simple to put together. Here's their promotional video:


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