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Designers of Dreams Fashion Show at Disneyland Paris

I am happy to report that our fabulous fashion show was a resounding success, with an elegant Minnie Mouse taking to the runway in her new Lanvin courture dress. For those of you who are interested, here is the "back story" to the event...

"To celebrate the extension of Disneyland Paris’ 20th anniversary, Mickey has given Minnie a big surprise: an haute couture dress created by one of her favorite designers.

Minnie just loves fashion: the colors, the music, the lights, the dreams that come to life. It all reminds her of the stories that come to life during Disney Dreams! She has a wonderful idea! What if the world of fashion could use their creativity and imagination to create an “extension” of those same Disney stories for the runway?

Now Minnie is thrilled to share her dream come true with you in a unique fashion show where eight European designers will present their flights of fancy in homage to the “20th Anniversary – Extended”.

Welcome to the “Designers of Dreams” Fashion Show."

The designers' brief was to create a dress or an object inspired by an iconic image taken from some of the great Disney animated films. What do you think of thier choices? Would you have picked a different icon?


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