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Cabaret Jaune Citron gets a new "twist"

The English adaptaion of Cabaret Jaune Citron (by Stéphane Lycuong, Christine Kandel and An Ton-That) is going full steam ahead. I've finished the book and about two-thirds of the songs so far.. only a few more to go! And already we have some very exciting news to announce: Anthony Rapp has agreed to direct Lemon Twist! Now we just have to find a producer, a theater, a cast, a... Well, one step at a time!

Lemon Twist is an All-Asian musical that tells the story of Yvonne, an American-Vietnamese woman living in New York who is torn between her very traditional Vietnamese family and her desire to be a "normal" American. She longs to be an actress – to star in a musical! To light up the silver screen! – but roles for Asians are few and far between. Should she give in to her mother’s pressure to become a pharmacist? Luckily, her sharp sense of humour comes to her aid as she finds herself between jobs, between relationships, feeling neither wholly American nor entirely Vietnamese...


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