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Breaking the Fourth Wall: the Presentation

The presentation from my workshop on immersive theater for Diy Days Paris is now on-line!

The workshop itself was lots of fun if, as anticipated, waaaaaaay too short. To have only one hour in which to do an overview of immersive and interactive theater (a vast subject!) AND conduct an interactive workshop was quite the challenge. But the app I created worked like a charm and the participants brainstormed and came up with a great concept for a modern day re-telling of the Jeckyll and Hyde story that takes place on a train in the Metro and incorporates retro-projections on the windows, smartphone interactivity and a digital personification of the evil Mr. Hyde. Will YOU be able to apprehend the killer before another murder is committed?

I so wish we could have explored and developed a bit more, but it will have to wait, alas, for the next time...

In the meantime, the English version of my presentation is below, and the French version can be found HERE


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