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Bons Baisers de Broadway update - filling in the bones

This has been an exciting couple of weeks for Bons Baisers de Broadway. We had our call-backs and now have a wonderful couple to bring life to the two characters of Lily and Max (the names of the artists to be revealed very shortly!). We also have a brand new facebook page and an official logo for the show. Check it out HERE and be sure to "like" us! 

Now my part of the job needs to be completed. I'm slightly over half way through the writing, and my skeleton outline has already been changed umpteen times as the show's structure becomes clearer in my head. I've been exploring a new software program especially designed for script-writing called Scrivener. It's chock-a-block with tools and I am resisting the temptation to explore it in depth on this project as I sense the possibility of endless procrastination. The tools I am already using though are great - it allows me to easily switch scenes around like building blocks as I decide what order makes the most sense dramatically. And I love the note-taking feature integrated into each scene that allows me to save lyrics, links and ideas for dialogue and direction, again a real help in shaping the structure, and how wonderful to have everything in one single document! It easily exports to Word then for me to get an idea of the whole. So all in all, very pleased with the purchase!

I feel pretty confidant that the bones are in place at this point, but boy do they need some fleshing out! So no more procrastinating! My goal today is for two more scenes - and now that I know who will be playing the parts, I'll be able to write tailor-made lines for them!

For those who are just reading about Bons Baisers de Broadway for the first time, earlier this year I was commissioned to write the "book" for a show that would be performed by two actor/singers and a pianist, and which had to include the greatest hits of American/British musical theater. My challenge was to find a storyline where it would make sense for the characters to be acting the scenes in French, but singing the songs in English. I came up with the idea of two French aspiring actors who win their green-cards in the lottery and decide take off for New York to make it big on the Broadway stage. I've been having so much fun exploring the path of these two characters as they take a trip in the opposite direction to the one I took so many years ago when I moved to France...

But that's enough for today or those two scenes are never going to get themselves written! For now, let me leave you with my inspiration for the opening number as Max and Lily begin their adventures in the Big Apple...


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