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More Incarna Adventures coming soon!

In a world where so many of us have moved to a remote work situation, I am happy to say that despite the six-hour time difference, I have been able to collaborate once again with the amazing team at Incarna Studios.

We're currently in the final production phase of a solo player experience that will be released on Steam in just a few short weeks. R-AI-D will have you pitting your wits against two different AI's running amok through Incarna's Training Temple. The entire network of Avens is at risk! Photos and more information coming soon...

In other news, "CHAPTER 2: DIMENSIONAL BREAK" is nearing the end of its development process.

Here's the pitch: The dimension known as the “Alpha Aven” is currently undergoing a period of intense instability: structural distortion, environmental alterations, and even gravitational anomalies. Worse still, the chaos is spreading throughout Incarna's entire interdimensional network. The situation is dire. We need you, explorers, to venture into the unknown and find the source of the danger. Will you answer our call?

I will hopefully have news for a potential release date within the next month or so, but in the meantime, catch a sneak peak below.


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