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Finding Pandora X - a totally different premiere!

Finding Pandora X opened yesterday in "Venice" and this opening was like no other! A lot of the elements were still there: the stage manager calling the cues, the costume changes, the scene changes, the lights and music, the director troubleshooting in the wings... and yet it was all happening virtually!

Even the red carpet was virtual! Below are a few images of the "after party" that took place in virtual Mount Olympus.

As we head into our second performance today, we are all settling into our roles on Discord, the virtual equivalent of backstage, with separate intercom channels for cast, crew and stage manager. One of my colleagues and I are manning a separate channel to onboard any of the audience who are having difficulty accessing our world in VRChat, the virtual equivalent of an usher, I suppose!

For information to reserve not just for our show, but for a whole plethora of immersive experiences, check out the Venice Biennale website. There are lots of amazing projects this year!


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