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Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Last night was the grand finale of "Disney Dreamers Everywhere", an incredible round the world tour by some of Disney's biggest fans.

The global tour, which included many magical encounters with Disney characters at all the Disney resorts, culminated in three days of spectacular events here at Disneyland Paris. I am so proud to have collaborated on the shows that were performed over the last few days! The creative team, literally hundreds of people working for more than a year, outdid themeslves providing some truly unique entertainment. I am especially proud of last night's musical, an extravaganza that included many characters that had never been seen before. (One of my very favorite scenes was the opening number for Kuzco, with the guards clog dancing their way across the stage!). Some sneak peeks are already hitting the social networks HERE.

For more official news, don't hesitate to check out Character Central. I am sure they will be posting regularly as the official photos and videos are released.

In the meantime, here is the first "Official Video", the "Disney Dreamers Everywhere" theme song that accompanied the travellers across the Globe. Disney fans will recognize the music to "All Around the World", with my new lyrics written especially for this once in a lifetime event.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" I wish many more wonderful dreams for the Disney Dreamers Everywhere as they continue their travels!


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