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Narrative Director/Creative Producer

(Virtual reality/Augmented reality)

​​Double Eye Productions is dedicated to telling inspirational stories that break boundaries via interactive Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and hybrid storytelling.
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At the crossroads of live theatre and the cutting-edge digital world, Finding Pandora X is a live, immersive theatrical VR experience that draws a modern take to an ancient myth. This revolutionary performance features Broadway talent and premieres the world's first Virtual Repertory Theatre. The audience becomes a part of the performance, playing the role of the Greek Chorus while interacting with live actors as the play unfolds.

With the passing of ages, the Gods of Mount Olympus have faded away until only two remain: Zeus and Hera. Now they too are in danger of disappearing if they cannot recover the box of hope that Pandora removed so long ago. 

Finding Pandora X made its World Premiere at the 77th Venice International Film Festival - VR Expanded. Directed by Kiira Benzing, it received the award for Best Immersive User Experience.


Embracing the future of Social VR and social worlds, LOVESEAT is a groundbreaking new format pushing the boundaries of collective virtual experiences. Wearing VR headsets and motion trackers, the actors perform for a live audience while simultaneously embodying avatars for a virtual audience on the social VR platform, High Fidelity.

Two lonely, ordinary people are drawn into a reality show competition to win the love of a Perfect Partner (who looks an awful lot like an empty chair). Performed simultaneously to virtual and real world audiences.

Loveseat made its World Premiere at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. It is the first ever live play performed simultaneously to virtual and real world audiences.


Metropoles is an interactive documentary that combines 360˚ video with a multi-player gamified VR experience designed to spark conversation about gentrification. Currently in development, it was part of the 2017 Oculus Launch Pad Program.

(Augmented reality content)

In 2015 over 300 artists were displaced from their studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
Blending VR, AR, and user-generated content, Cardboard City is a hands-on interactive documentary that uses these artists’ stories as an entry point. Viewers are invited to become creators and to add their own stories to an ever-evolving cityscape. Cardboard City held its World Premier at Convergence during the 54th annual New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.

Photo credits: Oculus Rift Photo via Pestoverde/Flickr (CC-BY)
Cardboard City Photo by Jasmin Chang © 2021 all rights reserved